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Atlanta Doberman Pinscher Club - Rescue

RESCUE (Adopting a Rescue Dog) -

A national Doberman Pinscher rescue was established in 1975 due to the sudden rise in registration of the breed. Due to irresponsible breeders and owners, literally thousands of Dobermans are still abandoned in shelters every year. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!

Rescue takes in as many of the dogs as space and funds allow. The dogs are taken for veterinarian care where they are vaccinated, tested and treated for parasites and/or ailments and spayed or neutered.

The dogs are then fostered in homes of knowledgeable Doberman fanciers. During fostering the dogs are assessed for temperament, house manners, obedience, and if possible, behavior towards other dogs, cats, men, women and children. Using this knowledge the dogs are matched with an adoptive family.

Bonding is not a problem with rescue dogs. Providing that a dog is loved and given consistent, gentle and fair guidance, they quickly bond with their new family. The best testimony to this is the fact that the vast majority of rescue adopters come back for another rescue dog at a later time. The dogs seem to have an inherit knowledge that they are being given a second chance, and thus give 110% of themselves.

Rescue is funded by independent donations, and the personal funds of rescuers. Non-tax deductible contributions can be sent to the DPCA RESCUE committee. DPCA RESCUE then distributes funds to reimburse rescuers nationwide for out of pocket expenses for vet care of rescue dogs.

The Atlanta Doberman Pinscher Club has also established Atlanta Doberman Pinscher Rescue as of February 7, 2006. Donations may be made via Paypal: